Suspension Parts

A. Ultra Lightweight Wheel Spacers:

     2 or 3mm $20ea. | 6mm $40ea. | 18.5mm (for Enkei 38mm wheels) $75ea.

  • • Hard to find 6mm thickness for SCCA Street/Stock classes.
  • • BMW and Japanese dual-hole pattern spacers available.
  • • Hole pattern has a tight tolerance, to keep the space centered for balance.

B. Evo Caster Camber Plates: Full Top-Mounts with bearings: $315

  • • Maximum negative camber range of adjustment.
  • • Caster adjustment provides more negative camber as the wheel is turned, when you need it most (think motorcycle chopper forks).
  • • Adds a bit more steering feel and force, due to the increased self centering effect of caster – great for the Evo’s overly light and quick steering.
  • • Allows you to dial out car pulling to one side.
  • • Custom fitments can be designed for other applications.

C. Adjustable Front Sway Bar Mounts (Evo VIII, IX, X)

     Brackets alone: $95 | Custom End-link and Spacer Kit * (26 piece): $105

  • • With the optional end-link package, the CDR FSB brackets provides the stiffest bar adjustment on the market.
  • • Incorporates a unique dual-radial adjustment pattern for easy setting changes, w/o end-link length changes.
  • • Allows you to quickly adjust one side only, in the grid or pits (critical under race conditions), without inducing unwanted preloading of the bar.
  • • Can use with stock or aftermarket links for the first 3 of 5 stiffness settings -(-15%, 0%, +15%).
  • • CDR True rod end links and spacer kit are needed to use the stiffer setting.*
  • • There are 9 adjustment settings for high fidelity of bar tuning, from -15% to 150% stiffer on the highest setting.
  • • Approximately 14-16% delta between the symmetrical positions, 7%-8% using staggered positions.
  • • Black Zinc coated for corrosion resistance.